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Bryan & Cherry Alexander

Individual Photographer Contact: Cherry
Burn Song Kincardine Ardgay Sutherland IV24 3DJ United Kingdom Content Type: Arctic & Antarctic, commissions Phone: +44(0)1863766667

Photo of Bryan & Cherry Alexander

Bryan and Cherry Alexander started travelling to the Arctic in 1971. Their pictures are a constantly expanding record of these vast areas and the changes that have happened there in the intervening years. The main focus of the collection is the Indigenous People of the North. The way they live, their land and the wildlife they share it with.

The Arctic is now a focus for mining and industry, vast reserves of Gas lie below the permafrost, Bryan has been able to document some of the most remote Gas fields in Siberia. Working at temperatures below -50C is a challenge and sometimes risky, but he keeps returning and taking extraordinary pictures. Over the years the Alexander’s have also added dramatic landscapes and wildlife pictures to the collection, as well as inviting other talented polar photographers to join them. The result is a specialist collection where personal knowledge complements the pictures.

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