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Specialist Agency Contact: Robin Nunn
PO Box 11014 Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire CM23 2RB United Kingdom Content Type: Prince William & the Duchess of Cambridge Phone: +44(0)2073579000

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” Robin Nunn is the world’s top, contemporary royal photographer “
My first experience of news photography was at the Herts and Essex Observer
when I started freelancing for the newspaper at the age of 14.
In 1978, I joined The Hackney Gazette in London’s East End, where I first photographed
members of the royal family.
In 1981, I started freelancing and had the privilege of working with the legendary
Gökşin Sipahioğlu when I was a London based stringer for Sipa Press in
Paris. I soon started to specialise in covering royal events and in 1983 I was recruited
by the Hamburg based magazine Neue Post to cover the public engagements
of Princess Diana in some depth, as well as a host of other British and
European Royals.
With my partner Aasta Børte, I set up Nunn Syndication in 1985 which has
grown into the world’s largest independently owned specialist royal photographic
and image source.
Every aspect of royal life is featured, including overseas visits, ceremonial and
historic occasions.
I have had three books of my work published, William, The Peoples
Prince, Happy & Glorious and William & Kate and have illustrated many
more including the bestseller Diana, Closely Guarded Secret by Inspector
Ken Wharfe and Robert Jobson and Diana’s Diary by Andrew Morton.
I am very proud to be the Chairman, Treasurer and a Founder Member of the
Independent Photographers Association, which is an integral part of the British
Royal Rota system.

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