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Sue Cunningham

Individual Photographer Contact: Sue Cunningham
56 Chatham Road Kingston upon Thames Surrey KT1 3AA United Kingdom Content Type: Brazil, indigenous tribes, commissions Phone: 020 8541 3024

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Sue Cunningham Photographic provides comprehensive photographic coverage of many parts of the world. Our Brazil collection is unparalleled and shows the country from all viewpoints; tourism to industry, environment to transport and indigenous people to culture. We have substantial archives from Africa and Europe, especially Central and Eastern Europe, with the same breadth of coverage. We also have London and the United Kingdom, as well as Australia, parts of the Carribbean and several other South American countries. We hold a huge archive of images of indigenous people, most of which are not accessible through the public area of our website – please contact us to unlock this collection. Many of our images are illustrative, but there is also a wealth of creative and interpretative work. We make photojournalism beautiful while respecting cultures.

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