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Individual Photographer Contact: Paul Cordwell
71 Collingbourne Kingston Marlborough Wiltshire SN8 3SD United Kingdom Content Type: Aviation Imagery, commissions Phone: +44(0)7831416477

Photo of Cordwell Aero

Paul Cordwell, as a professional photographer has created an ever burgeoning collection of aviation imagery based around the simple photographic premise of craft, creativity and excellence. The new library of imagery called Cordwell.Aero is completely unique in its approach to aviation photography.  Paul’s extensive career spanning many years in industrial and advertising photography has provided a unique perspective of how to produce imagery that tells a story, creates mystery, provokes, and are entirely inspirational. Looking at aviation through a sculptor’s eyes the pictures display aircraft and aviation infrastructure from extraordinary angles that are specifically designed to ask the viewer to respond. All the images are in hi resolution and their innovative compositions make them ideally suited to support any advertising or marketing strategy. Whilst continually adding to the image inventory, the pictures wanted by a customer may not be visible. Therefore a new page on the site will provide an opportunity for clients to add their wants list too, or indeed open a discussion with Paul to explore a new venture or commission a new shoot.